About Me

``My Interest in capturing moments in time began in the mid 1980’s, while watching my fathers own photography as I grew up. Being a not so good skater, I traded my board in for a camera and began photographing my friends and some pros at the skate parks around San Diego. With over 15 years working in the Art Department on Hollywood films and TV shows coupled with traveling the world taking in other cultures and ways of life. My photography/videography work has morphed with time and experiences. Today, there is one word I would use to describe what fuels my passion for photography…Connection…. I love to connect and to tell stories of connection visually- with life, animals, kids, places and experiences. I seek out the connections between others; parents and their children, people and their pets or environments, friends, lovers as well as the elusive connection with self. These are the moments I seek out and love to capture.”